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Lipofit We love and we love to see the results in our customers! Thanks to all who believe in our product, all who are part of the Lipofit family and take on the challenge every day to meet your goals.

Want to be part of #RetoLIPOFIT?

1) Take measures before starting your treatment with lipofit ®.
2) Week after week, always choose a specific time of day to take these measures, preferably when you wake up. Imporatnte that write down is to see the changes.
3) Take a picture of before starting with lipofit ®, need not leave his face.
4) Take a picture a few weeks or once you finish your Lipofit. Must the lipofit ® is visible in the picture.
5) Write your experience with Lipofit and how you appear in social networking to be part of the testimony.
6) Send us your photos from before and after the whatsapp (+57) 300 496 75 62 or e Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo..
7) Send shipping information for you to receive a new Lipofit completely free, be part of our testimony
Note: Photos should not have any retouching or effect, should be 100% natural, as our testimonies are completely real



"Hi, I wanted to say that I've done really well with your product as to complement it with exercise and diet, Lipofit has given me some exelentes results. I would like to show the changes, because the evidence I've seen in instagram motivated me to buy the Lipofit because I thought the creamas and all those things were useless and maybe many people think like I did. Now I realize it was super seriously wrong that Lipofit is best "



"I am very happy with the results in a few days and missing me will be much better. Happy and grateful to you ! Yes, I am also taking care to food and doing an hour of daily exercise. Lipofit Thousand and thousand thanks!"





"With Lipofit I am more than happy, and is part of my routine. I have spent almost two months using it and the excellent results ; obviously accompanied by good food and exercise " Joomla 3.3 Templates