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mascarillaBODY MASK
With vitamin C.

The Revolutionary non-rinse mask treatment with Vitamin C uniquely enhances skin elasticity and provides incredible firming action (lifting and anti-sagging effect), increasing the amount and quality of collagen and elastin in the skin, helping in turn Regenerate the oxidative form of vitamin E through a formula with a high concentration of active ingredients and antioxidants, this powerful Body Mask significantly reduces skin tissue, visibly reshapes and redefines the appearance of orange peel, nourishes, regenerates and protects effectively The dermal framework against the action of free radicals. Firming results on the skin are exceptional. The delicious citrus aroma of this mask turns your application into a pleasant experience for your senses wearing a smoother, firmer and brighter skin.

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¿How does it work?

Apply the body mask evenly in areas such as legs, buttocks and bust daily in the morning and / or at night on completely cleansed skin of creams or oils and do not rinse. Suitable for all skin types and women in the stage of pregnancy and lactation.

Perform a massage with gentle upward movements until fully absorbed. In the buttocks perform double application of the body mask. Refrigerate after opening to increase its tensor effect on the skin. Use in the shortest possible time.


· Apply with skin free of creams or oils.
· Do not expose to the sun or tanning beds after application.
· Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
· Hypersensitivity to the product.
· Keep the product refrigerated or in a cool place free of UV rays.
· Keep out of reach of children.
· Effectively counteracts sagging, providing extra firm skin.
· Reinforces, tones and reaffirms the skin, obtaining excellent results in the glutes legs and bust.
· Provides a powerful anti-free radical effect.
· Optimizes the healing process, attenuating the formation and appearance of cellulite.
· Return skin luminosity, elasticity and hydration. Joomla 3.3 Templates